Friday, August 26, 2011 |

First posted on Built-In-Chicago 

I ran into a VC from NYC at a conference yesterday. He said he wanted to see why the Chicago VC market hardly registers on the map. While I wasn't sure what he was talking about yesterday, I went to WSJ VentureSource and found this map:

Now I understand his point of view a bit more clearly, and this is really disappointing. Not that I would expect Chicago to be close to Silicon Valley, but this?

San Francisco$3.3b
San Jose $2.2b
New York$1.3b
Los Angeles$900m
Washington DC$582m
San Diego$375m

Really? Chicago has 5% as much innovation as that of Bay Area? 20% as much as that of Boston? 25% as much as that of New York? How can we close the gap?